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Detect real 700 shoulder carpet

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The important thing is how much do you know about the carpet you buy when buying a carpet? What title do you buy?

One of the best-selling branches of the carpet, and especially the Kashan carpet, is the 700 shoulders, for example, and a brief description of its types.
In general, the 700 shoulder pads in the market are divided into 3 different types of machine carpet:

1- 700 Realistic Shoulder Bags
700 real shoulders have a transverse density (carpet shoulder) of 700 knots and a longitudinal density (carpet density) of 2100 to 3000 knots, the most famous of which is the 2550 pixel density.
The 700 original shoulder straps are usually supplied in the form of 8 colors or 10 colors with a partial price difference. Seven hundred shoulders are made with a variety of devices, the most famous of which is the HCPx2, which is a modern and high-end device at the moment.

2- 700 Conversion Shoulders:
The 700 convertible shoulders are called carpets that are woven with 500 shoulder knives and are provided with variations of 700 knots in a device with a transverse density (shoulder carpet) and typically have a longitudinal density (carpet density) in Approximately 1,500 knots and 7 colors are available on the market.
This machine-made carpet weighing 700 shoulder converts from 700 realistic shoulders of price and quality is far lower, which is often seen in inappropriate physical stores, especially the online carpet store, which is based on baseless excuses as 700 real shoulder rings are sold.

3- Plan 700 shoulder:
The 700-shoulder car carpet, unlike its name, is not in the 700-shoulder branch, and the reason for its name is wrapping up new and best-selling designs of 700 shoulders in this type of car carpet, and in fact, it is in the category of 500 shoulders of machine carpet. The 500-knot shoulder width (carpet shoulder) and the longitudinal density (carpet density) are woven around 1000 real.
Also, the 700-shoulder rug comes with a number of colors 7 or 8, which weavers of this kind of machine carpet are computer-driven and up to 500 shoulders and are in a higher position. The 700 shoulder rugs are welcomed by many because of their lower prices and beautiful designs, but they still have a good quality.

important points:
1- Behind all three above, the label is usually 700 combs (or be labeled or changed by its profitable friends) and may not be able to detect it normally as a consumer.
2- In each 3 categories; 700 real shoulder pads, 700 shoulder pads, 700 first-class shoulder pads, in 700 sets of shoulders and 700 shoulder pads available in carpets, both of first-class quality and best-quality yarns 100% cotton with a guarantee) are on the market.
3. The real price of the 700 shoulder and 700 shoulder convertible is impossible, which is equivalent to a carpet like 700 real and first class shoulder pads and is much cheaper.
4- As we said many times, the quality of the carpet is used in the first grade of the yarn and its net percentage and weavers are determined.
5- In the case of a carpet, the only carpet of 700 shoulders and 700 real shoulders of the first grade comes from 700 shoulders of 2550 to 700 shoulders with a density of 2700 product variations, both of which are manufactured at the true price and of the best grade in their category. Kashan carpet comes to the hands of compatriots.

Finally, the recommendation of carpet products is that you buy any kind of carpet with any combination or shoulder, in the first place, buy the best quality, and then buy at a real and informed price.


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